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After graduation, Marianna learned ceramics at BÉPA-works, Szentendre. During these years her attention - beside architectural ceramics - turned towards traditional potterymaking so she worked under several master potters as well at this time. I started working at the local ceramic works in Sárospatak. After that I moved to Budapest to be admitted to Várdeák Ildikó's workshop. Here I got acquainted with modern materials and technologies. Since Mariann and i have met in 1976 we've been living and working together. We launched our very first pottery workshop in 1978 in my parents' apartment in Budapest. It started with my room, then the larder, later followed by the kitchen, the living room... Sometimes we washed the clay in the bathroom... Eternal gratitude to my parents for being such great and tolerant people.

We moved to Szentendre in 1986. We have two beautiful and smart daughters. Zsófi, who is an art teacher helps us with her aesthetic sense and language skills. Boglárka, after graduating from photography school started to study ceramics this year. Hopefully she's going to continue our work.

Marianna is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists since 1996. In 2007 she co- founded Association of Ceramic Artists in Szentendre, with whom she participated in several exhibitions.

It is her style and talent that defines the main character of our objects. She mastered working with colours and decorations. My job is to design the basic shapes of the objects, however she gives them style.

I'm the one responsible for technical background, for the building and maintenance of high- temperature owens, handling the instruments in general. We complement each other in every way.

For the last few years Gabriella Czellár and Levente Deli has been helping our work with their drawing skills. The technique developed by Mariann with the contribution of Gabi and Levente result in wonderful pieces of art.

We create high-temperature fired ceramics and stone dinnerware, full sets and accessories, practically everything a household needs. It is a wonderful job, we are full of plans, and I'm sure we won't have the chance to get bored in the next few years.


I think long ago craftsmen and their communities - who actually used their potteries - formed their unique regional styles together. There was a need in one side and there were skills and creativity in the other. Who knows if the Internet may bring back the traditions and way of thinking of these now gone small communities? I believe that can happen, so i encourage everyone who visits our website or had our products in his or her hands to help our work with ideas and suggestions.

Our workshop is located in the picturesque Szentendre, which is also one of the most significant art centers in the country.

In addition to the website, you can meet our products at many craft fairs and events.

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